Family Box

Family Box kids’ club

Family Box is a brand new ambitious kindergarten in Beijing. The box idea originated from the architecture team “crossboundaries” initial concept : different rooms (boxes) which host different activities are inserted into 3 floors building’s grid system, some of the boxes are hovering in between 2 floors, this is used to break the rigidity of the grid structure. Outside of the box the entire interior is treated with glossy white finishing in order to create contrast with the colors contened inside of the each boxes.

The key of the brief is to help client to establish a very cosy, and playful brand image, at the same time to extend the concept of the family box. Family box is the magic box, each box (room) is full of  of wonderful surprises.

The Logo is telling story of family numbers are hopping out of the boxes when magic happens. Along with this line of thoughts, we have further develop a cartoon family which incudes about 20 members. They are only only enriched the brand’s content assets but also to be  used as navigation symbols for each function of the box in the building as well on website.